ICECE 2022 Technical Program Schedule
21 December 2022, Wednesday
21 December 2022, Wednesday (9:00-10:00)
21 December 2022, Wednesday (10:00-11:00)
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
21 December 2022, Wednesday (11:00-11:30)
Tea Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
21 December 2022, Wednesday (11:30-12:30)
Panel Discussion: Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Power System in Bangladesh
Resource Persons: Mr. Mohammad Hossain, DG, Power Cell; Golam Kibria, MD, PGCB;
Major General Moin Uddin (Retd), Managing Director, EGCB; Arshad Mansoor, President & CEO, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Charlotte, USA
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. S. Shahnawaz Ahmed, BUET
21 December 2022, Wednesday (12:30-1:00)
Spotlight Presentation: Creating a Climate-Ready Bangladesh Power System
Presenter: Arshad Mansoor, President & CEO, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Charlotte, USA
Room No: ECE 920
21 December 2022, Wednesday (1:00-2:30)
Lunch Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
21 December 2022, Wednesday (2:30-3:30)
Keynote Speech 1: Lifelong Learning for Cyber-Security and Time Series Forecasting for Social Studies Using Scalable Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Networks
Speaker: Latifur Khan, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), USA
Room No: ECE 920      
Session Chair: Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali, BUET
21 December 2022, Wednesday (3:30-4:15)
Invited Talk 1: Strategies towards a 'Smart City' and demonstration of City-led 'Open Data Platform' in Australia
Speaker: Emran Amin, Spectrum Planning Engineer, Australian Communication and Media Authority
Room No: ECE 920      
Session Chair: Dr. Abdul Hasib Chowdhury, BUET; Dr. Md. Farhad Hossain, BUET
21 December 2022, Wednesday (4:15-4:30)      
Tea Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
21 December 2022, Wednesday 4:30-6:00)      
EEPS 1 - Power Electronics I
Room No: ECE 632
Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Jahangir Alam, BUET; Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Arafat, BUET
133 Performance Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Driven Energy Efficient Low Power Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Jahan, Israt; Islam, Md. Ariful; Farrok, Omar*
148 An Improved Direct Torque Control Schemefor PWM Inverter Based Solar PV Array Fed Induction Motor Drives Nahin, NazmulIslam ; Biswas, Shuvra Prokash*; Mondal, Sudipto; Hosain,†† Md. Kamal ; Ferdousi, Zannatul; Biswas, Mohua  
151 Analysis of Coupling Coefficient and Source Frequency Variations in Basic Compensation Topologies of MRC Based WPT Systems Haque, Md Touhidul*; Arafat,Abdullah; Mohaimen, Abdullah Al  
173 Analysis of Traction Power of Electric Three Wheelers in Bangladesh -Al-Hossain, Md Junaed*; Hasan, Md. Zakir; Khan, Md. Ziaur Rahman  
226 A Triple Boost Self-Balanced Switch Capacitor Converter Based Multilevel Inverter Elahi, Md. Fazla; Islam, Md Aminul*  
21 December 2022, Wednesday 4:30-6:00)
AIBIO 1 - AI & Healthcare I
Room No: ECE 634
Session Chair: Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah, BUET; Dr. Hafiz Imtiaz, BUET
5 Predicting Burn Injury Intensity from Skin Burn Images with Hybrid Machine Learning Technique Suha, Sayma Alam*; Tahsina Farah Sanam
34 A Deep Ensemble Model with an Efficient Feature for Multi-class Arrhythmia Classification Utilizing 12-Lead ECG Signal Mahmud, Md. Sultan ; Rahaman Nayan, Md. Mizanur*; Hasan, Samit; Taj, Md. Nasim Afroj
39 A Low-cost IoT-based Health Monitoring System Hasan, Samit*; Arafat, Abdullah
90 X-ray Computed Tomography Sinogram Data Generation from Microwave Tomography Measurements Using Deep Neural Networks Istiak, Md. Abrar; Hasnine, Iftekhar Mahmud; Kiourti, Asimina; Alam, Md. Shah *; Islam, Md. Asiful
96 RiIG Modeled Curvelet Coefficient Image-based Breast Tumor Classification Using deep CNN Kabir, Shahriar Mahmud*; Hassan Bhuiyan, Mohammed Imamul
167 Cardio Vascular Disease prediction using machine learning with improved feature selection Uddin, Mohammad Istiaq*; Ismom, Abdullah Al Abrar; Hassan, Zahid; Arefin, Muhammed Nazmul
201 Cotton Leaf Disease Detection & Classification Using Lightweight CNN Architecture Peyal, Hasibul Islam*; Pramanik, Md Abu Hanif; Nahiduzzaman, Md; Goswami , Pollob; Mahapatra, Uttam; Atusi, Jobiera Jahan
21 December 2022, Wednesday 4:30-6:00)
EP 1 - Electronic and Photonic Materials I
Room No: ECE 625
Session Chair: Dr. Mahbub Alam, BUET;
33 The role of crystallographic orientation in thickness assisted modulation of optical properties of ZnSe thin-film Zubair, Mohammad A*; Chowdhury, Mohammed Tareque
91 Ab Initio Study of Tunable Electronic Properties of Monolayer Mo1-xWxS2 Alloys Utsha, Swagata Goswami; Afrid, Sheikh Mohd. Ta-Seen; Zubair, Ahmed*
112 Comparison of Optoelectronic Characteristics of Carbon Thin Films Electrodeposited on Silicon and Zinc Substrates Uddin, Muhammad Athar*; Soga, Tetsuo ; Mominuzzaman, Sharif Mohammad
115 Design of a metamaterial perfect absorber: A solar energy harvester Hiam, Sohani Munteha*; Paul, Alok Kumar; Ahmed,†† Tanvir
128 Structural, electronic and optical characterization of edge passivated B and P doped GaN nanostructures Hassan, Md. Abir; Subrina, Samia*
152 First-Principles Study on the Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Janus SiSSe Monolayer Tanisha, Tanshia Tahreen; Hiramony, Nishat Tasnim T; Tabassum, Sumaiya Jahan; Subrina, Samia*
176 Structural, optical and electrical properties of La - Mg co-substituted Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 dielectric Mozahid, Faisal A.*; Zubair, Mohammad A
21 December 2022, Wednesday 4:30-6:00)
CSP 1 - Image Processing I
Room No: ECE 627
Session Chair: Dr. S. M. Mahbubur Rahman, BUET; Dr. Mohammad Ariful Haque, BUET
23 Development of Algorithm to Extract Features from Capnograph Signal Akter, Shahin*; Khan, Fabiha
26 A Reservation-based Smart Parking System for Urban Areas Mejbaul Haque, Md. *; Manjurul Gani, Md.; Ataur Rahman, Md.
85 Computer Vision Based Object Detection and Recognition System for Image Searching Nayeem, Tanvir Ahamed*; Motaharuzzaman, S M; Rahman, Md. Habibur
116 COVID-19 Identification from Lung CT Scans in a Low-resource Setting Using A Regularized 3D Convolutional Neural Network Ahmed, Tanvir*; Nakib, Mohtasim; Miah, Md Messal Monem; Haque, Mohammad Ariful
126 A Deep Learning Based Person Detection and Heatmap Generation Technique with aMulti-Camera System. Siam, Md. Shakhrul Iman*; Biswas, Subrata
21 December 2022, Wednesday (6:00-6:45)
Invited Talk 2: Full-Duplex Integrated Sensing and Communications for Distributed Systems
Speaker: Kumar Vijay Mishra, Senior Fellow, the United States DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Saifur Rahman, BUET
22 December 2022, Thursday
22 December 2022, Thursday (8:00-9:00)
22 December 2022, Thursday (9:00-10:30)
EEPS 2 - Renewable Energy I
Room No: ECE 632
Session Chair: Dr. Farseem Mannan Mohammedy, BUET
8 A cross-country techno-economic assessment of soiling affected solar farms in Bangladesh Shihab, Md. Mahmudul Hasan*; Didarul Islam, Mohammad ; Sajjad, Redwan N.; Khan, Mohammad Ryyan
11 Albedo and Temperature Aware Analysis of Bifacial vs Monofacial Floating Photovoltaics in Bangladesh Rimon, Golam Rabbani*; Khan, Mohammad Ryyan; Ahmed, Sojib
44 Hybrid QPSO assisted Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm under Extreme Partial Shading Conditions Hassan, Quazi Rafid*; Nafi, Imtiaz Mahmud; Tabassum, Sanzana; Abid, Fahim
51 A Flexible, Ultrasensitive, and Highly Selective Bi-Functional Acetone and Ethanol Gas Sensor Rahman,†† Md. Tawabur*; Bhuiyan, Md. Saleh Akram ; Jahirul Islam, Md; Reza , Khan Mamun ; Gurung, Ashim;Qiao , Quinn
55 J Material Based Lightweight Linear Electrical Generator With Improved Dynamics forHarvesting Oceanic Wave Energy Molla, Selim; Farrok, Omar*; Alam, MohammadJahangir
107 A Naive Bayes Classifier Based Energy Scheduling for Home Energy Management System (HEMS) Roy, Chhanda*; ., Binodon; Karmaker, Amit; Ghosh, Himangshu Ranjan
147 A New Topology of Single-Phase Transformer-less Inverter for Reducing Leakage Current of Grid-tied Photovoltaic Systems Biswas, Mohua; Biswas, Shuvra Prokash*; Mondal, Sudipto; Hosain,†† Md. Kamal ; Ferdousi, Zannatul; Nahin, NazmulIslam
22 December 2022, Thursday (9:00-10:30)
AIBIO 2 - Machine Learning I
Room No: ECE 634
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman, BUET; Dr. Mohammad Ariful Haque, BUET
28 Identifying Sentiment and Recognizing Emotion from Social Media Data in Bangla Language Rahman, R*  
46 Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination in Under-Resourced Bangla Language with Code-Mixed Text from Social Media Hossain , Md Azam *; Khan, Mahamuder Rahaman; Rahmatullah, S.M Nawsad; Islam, Md. Fuadul; Kamal, Abu Raihan Mostofa
54 Zero-Shot Entity Representation Learning for Temporal Knowledge Graph Mittra, Tanni*; Ali, Muhammad Masroor
57 Static Hand Gesture Recognition by RCDT Classifier Hasan, Kamrul*; Chowdhury, Mehdi Hasan; Pathan, Naqib Sad; Chowdhury, Aditta; Hossain, Quazi Delwar
106 Bioradiolocation Based Multi-Class Sleep Stage Classification Using Time and Frequency Features With Random Forest Classifier Siam, Md. Shakhrul Iman*; Siddiqui, Md. Saiful Bari; Abedin Khan, Mushfiqul; Mohammed Imamul Hassan Bhuiyan
109 DenseLinkNet: A Deep Convolutional Architecture for Automatic Segmentation of Corneal Endothelial Cell Halder, Barproda; Tasnim, Jarin*; Saha, Oishy; Mahmud, Talha Ibn; Ahmed, Shahed
222 Fruit Quality Assessment with Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Network Morshed, Samin Md.; Ahmed, Sabbir*; Ahmed, Tasnim; Islam, Muhammad Usama; Rahman, A.B.M. Ashikur
22 December 2022, Thursday (9:00-10:30)
EP 2 - Photonics I
Room No: ECE 625
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam, BUET; Dr. Sajid Muhaimin Choudhury, BUET
27 Optical Properties Prediction of Negative Dispersion-Compensating Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Machine Learning Khalil, MD. Ibrahim*; Islam, Md. Saiful
37 Enhancing average visible transmittance of CdS buffer layer for CuInGaSe based semi-transparent photovoltaics: metal ion substitution approach Sajjad, Redwan N*; HOQUE, MD MAYRAZUL; Zubair, Mohammad A
64 Assessment of Polyurethane Nanofiber with Nikel as Terahertz Metamaterial and Strain Sensor Khandaker, Morshed*; Nikfarjam , Sadegh ; Ali Raj, Hussain ; Ghosh, Dipannita ; Islam, Nazmul; Rahman, Anis
87 2-T Non-Toxic Tandem solar cell with Distinct HTL Materials Cheragee , Sheikh Hasib*; Alam, MohammadJahangir
137 Transport Layer Material and Thickness Optimization of Cs2TiBr6 Based Solar Cell Ahmed, Shakil*; Mominuzzaman, Sharif Mohammad
145 A low cost Ni-based planar multilayer structure for passive heating of buildings Asad, MuhammadS*; Alam, Muhammad Z
230 Square Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor for Detecting Toxic Chemical in Liquid Foodstuffs Preserved in Plastic Bottles Mou, Farhana Akter *; M. Faisal††††
230 Square Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor for Detecting Toxic Chemical in Liquid Foodstuffs Preserved in Plastic Bottles Mou, Farhana Akter *; M. Faisal††††
22 December 2022, Thursday (9:00-10:30)
CSP 2 - Wireless Communication I
Room No: ECE 627
Session Chair: Dr. Pran Kanai Saha, BUET; Dr. Md. Farhad Hossain, BUET
76 Design of a Microstrip Antenna Having 360į Beam Steering Capability in Azimuth Plane Deb, Sourave*; Turin, Husnur Rahman; Rahman, Muhammad Asad
100 A Physically Compact Coplanar Waveguide (CPW)-fed Flexible Antenna for mmWave 5G Applications Younes, Bachir; Omi, Asif Iftekhar*; Sajeeb, M Mahmudul Hasan; Sagar, Md. Samiul Islam; Karacolak, Tutku; Sekhar, Praveen
105 Chipless RFID Sensory Tag for Crack Detection in Underground Mine Support Systems Mapa Mudiyanselage, Likitha Lasantha*
108 Design of a Hexad-Polarization Antenna With High Isolation and Switchable Feed Network Rahman, Md. Naim ur*; Rahman, Muhammad Asad ; Hossain, Md Azad; Hasan, Maodudul; Nishiyama, Eisuke; Toyoda, Ichihiko
111 Spectral Efficiency of Multiuser Massive MIMO-OFDM THz Wireless Systems with Hybrid Beamforming under Inter-carrier Interference Ullah, Md Saheed*; Sarker, Sudipta Chandra ; Bin Ashraf, Zulqarnain ; Uddin, Md. Forkan
22 December 2022, Thursday (10:30-10:45)
Tea Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
22 December 2022, Thursday (10:45-12:15)
EEPS 3 - Power Systems I
Room No: ECE 632
Session Chair: Dr. Nahid-Al-Masood, BUET
47 Power Quality Analysis of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Abedin, Abir Kallayan*; Sufi, Suaib Al; Nesha, Khyrun Nesa ; Reza, Md. Shamim
72 An Analysis on Semidefinite Relaxation of Classical Optimal Power Flow Problem Rahman, Md Obaidur*; Masood,Nahid Al
79 Efficient Self-Supervised Denoising from Single Image Jubyrea, Jubyrea*; Kotal, Sajib; Showrav, Angraj Md. Sargia; Ryu, Byungyong; Iqbal, Md. Tauhid Bin
113 Levelized Cost of Energy and Cost-Benefit Analysis of 230 kV Bulk Power Transmission in Bangladesh Haque, A. S. M. Shahriar*
135 Impact of System Parameters on EHV Line Reactor Requirements Haque, A. S. M. Shahriar*; Mijan, Muhammad Aftabuzzaman
22 December 2022, Thursday (10:45-12:15)
AIBIO 3 - Biomedical Engineering
Room No: ECE 634
Session Chair: Dr. Muhammad Tarik Arafat, BUET
35 Transfer Learning-based Ensemble Approach for Organ Classification: An Empirical Study Islam, Sabrina*; Tabassum, Farzana; Rizwan, Siana; Choudhury, Tareque Mohmud
43 Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels from Fundus Images Using U-Net Sifat, Md Belal Uddin *; Kibria, Jayeed Bin; Bhattacharjee, Shantanu; Pathan, Naqib Sad; Mohammad, Nur
97 Sugar impacts upon bending modulus of charged lipid membranes Sarkar, Malay K*
198 Development of a Low-Cost Prototype of Blood Warmer and Rapid Infuser Kabir Joarder, Mahian; Ferdous, A.S.M Anas; Ali, Shams Nafisa*
209 A bioinformatics approach to identify candidate biomarkers and common pathways between bipolar disorder and stroke Hosen, Md. Faruk; Basar, Md. Abul ; Paul, Bikash Kumar*; Hasan, MD Rakibul ; Uddin, Muhammad Shahin
22 December 2022, Thursday (10:45-12:15)
EP 3 - Electronic and Photonic Materials II
Room No: ECE 625
Session Chair: Dr. M. M. Shahidul Hassan, East West University, Dhaka; Dr. Samia Subrina, BUET
31 Performance Comparison of Different AGNR RTDs Munna, Mahfuzur Rahman*; Sadi, Ashique E Elahi; Alam, Mahbub
66 Investigation of MoS2/Perovskite/WSe2 on SiTandem Structure of Solar Cell Morshed, Md. Saklain*; Md. Shafiqul Islam
114 Lead-free (Na0.5Bi0.5)0.40Ba0.60TiO3 electroceramic: Preparation and characterization Islam, Md. Aliful*; Zubair, Mohammad A
119 Design and Optimization of Copper Antimony Sulfide Thin Film Solar Cell Bhattacharjee, Sujoy*; Hassan, Mehedi; Talukder, Shahedul Alam
193 Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Heterostructure Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Solar Cell Uddin, Muhammad Athar*; Islam, Md. Ariful; Nath, Imon Deb; Al Rafi, Jobair ; Mominuzzaman, Sharif Mohammad
208 Strain InducedThermoelectric Property Tunability of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: A First-Principles Study Islam, Md. Mafizul; Zubair, Ahmed*
231 Analytical Study of 1D Monocrystal Graphene Island based Single Electron Transistor (SET) HOSSAIN, S. M. ABIR*; Mominuzzaman, Sharif Mohammad ; Ibn Hasan, Nahian
22 December 2022, Thursday (10:45-12:15)
CSP 3 - Image Processing II
Room No: ECE 627
Session Chair: Dr. Mohammed Imamul Hassan Bhuiyan, BUET; Dr. Lutfa Akter, BUET
59 Analysis of brain signal on visual noise affecting driverís attention using deep learning Sojun, Md. Azizul Hoque *; Rahaman, Md. Nayemur; Datta, Avishake Kumar
95 Automated Level Crossing System: A Computer Vision Based Approach with Raspberry Pi Microcontroller Murshed, Rafid Umayer U*; Dhruba, Sandip Kollol; ISLAM, MD TAWHEEDUL; Akter, Mst. Rumi
104 Segmented Linear Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification Afjal, Masud Ibn*; Mondal, Md. Nazrul Islam ; Mamun, Md. Al
121 Spectral-Spatial Feature Reduction for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Optimized Technique Series Islam, Md. Touhid *; Kumar, Mohadeb; Islam, Md. Rashedul; Sohrawordi, Md.
154 Development and Performance Analysis of A Novel Single-bin FFT Algorithm Iqbal, Md. Asif*; Rahman, Md. Saifur
172 Start-End Writing Integration with Convolutional Neural Network for Bengali Handwritten Numeral Recognition Akhand, M. A. H.*; Zaman, Rahat uz; Hye, Shadmaan
22 December 2022, Thursday (12:15-1:00)
Invited Talk 3: Promise of plasmonics: From communications to renewable energy
Speaker: Muhammad Zulfiker Alam, Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Canada
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Md Zunaid Baten, BUET; Dr. Orchi Hassan, BUET
22 December 2022, Thursday (1:00-2:30)
Lunch Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
22 December 2022, Thursday (2:30-4:00)
EEPS 4 - Power Electronics II
Room No: ECE 632
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Ziaur Rahman Khan, BUET
4 Voltage Stability Assessment of a Dual Active Bridge Based Solid State Transformer in a Smart Distribution System with Buck-Boost Controller Jannat, Ordatun*; Hossen Joy, Tanvir; Reza, Md. Shamim
138 Design of Circuit Parameters for Series-Parallel Compensation Topology in Critical Magnetic Resonance Coupling Mohaimen, Abdullah Al*; Haque, Md Touhidul; Arafat, Abdullah
146 Advanced Switching Sequences for a Multiphase Interleaved DC-DC Boost Converter Using TMS320F28335 DSP Control Card Mondal, Sudipto; Biswas, Shuvra Prokash*; Nahin, NazmulIslam
166 A Mathematical Modelling of Discharge and Charge Phenomena of A Lead-Acid Battery Amir, Md Sadman*; Rahman, Md Obaidur; Khan, Md. Ziaur Rahman
195 Cross-connected Multi Input Multi Level Inverter for Low Harmonics Operation FERDOUS, MD. JANNATUL*; Mustakim, Mohammad; Hossain, Md. Zakir
22 December 2022, Thursday (2:30-4:00)
AIBIO 4 - AI & Healthcare II
Room No: ECE 634
Session Chair: Dr. Celia Shahnaz, BUET; Dr. Apratim Roy, BUET
73 A Heuristic for Maximum Greedy Consensus Tree Problem Alam, S M Raihanul*;Mahmud, Md. Moaz; Rahman , Md. Saidur
174 Methods for Detecting Epilepsy: A Comparative Analysis on Improved Deep Learning Algorithms Rahman, Senjuti*; Hasan, Mehedi; Sarkar, Ajay K
188 Machine Learning based Alcoholism Detection Using Higuchiís Fractal Dimension Features from EEG Zaman, Bipasha; Peya,Zahrul Jannat; Akhand, M. A. H.*
204 An Efficient Bidirectional LSTM-Based Deep Neural Network for Automatic Emotion Recognition Using EEG Signal Mahmud, Md. Sultan; Saha, Oishy;†† Shaikh Anowarul Fattah*
212 A modified CNN model for diagnosing schizophrenia disease using fMRI data Ruhan, Nazmul Hasan; Uddin, Riaz; ASADUZZAMAN, MD.; Reza, Md. Mahfuz; Hossain, Md. Abir*
221 Implementation of Explainable AI in Mental Health Informatics: Suicide Data of the United Kingdom Mahamud, Al Hasib*; Alam, A. N. M. Sajedul; Zaman, Shifat ; Dey, Arnob Kumar
224 A Two-stage Approach for Plant Disease Classification Based on Deep Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Showrav, Tushar Talukder; Bain, Sajib;Afif, Monir Hossain; Ahmed, Kazi Ishrak;†† Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Ahmed, Shahed
22 December 2022, Thursday (2:30-4:00)
EP 4 - Nanomaterials and Devices
Room No: ECE 625
Session Chair: Dr. Quazi Deen Mohd Khosru, BUET; Dr. Md Zunaid Baten, BUET
92 An ultra-low energy efficient topological field-effect transistor based on stanene under perpendicular electric field induced topological phase transition ROY, DHIMAN; Alam, Mahbub*
102 Design of a Highly Randomized Crossover Ring Oscillator Physical Unclonable Function Amin, Faisal*; Kashem, Md Abul; Sakib, Md.Abdullah Al; Lipu, Alvi Anash; Hossain, Fakir Sharif
191 An Efficient Triple-Error Correction Method for Memristor-Based Memory Systems Sumon, Md. Mehedy Hasan*; Ali, Md. Liakot; Sadi,†† Muhammad Sheikh
199 Alignment of Interacting Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Suspension Using Dielectrophoretic Framework Ismail, Ishrat; Zubair, Ahmed*
213 Unsupervised Recycled FPGA Detection Using Symmetry Analysis Tarique, Tanvir Ahmad; Ahmed, Foisal*; Jenihhin, Maksim; Ali, Md. Liakot
214 Modeling Second Order Anisotropy of Monodomain Magnetic Body Tauki, Md. Sadik Yasir*; Hassan, Orchi
220 Benchmarking of Probabilistic-bit based Algorithm for Max-cut Problem Khan, Marzia *; Hassan, Orchi
22 December 2022, Thursday (2:30-4:00)
CSP 4 - Wireless Communication II
Room No: ECE 627
Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Faisal, BUET; Dr. Md. Forkan Uddin, BUET
163 A Four-element MIMO Antenna for WiFi, WiMAX, WLAN, 4G, and 5G sub-6 GHz Applications Das, Nishan ; Mia, Md. Sharif ; Mostafa, Ayman ; Islam, M. T. ; Alam, Touhidul ; Azim, Rezaul *; Moniruzzaman, Md.
169 Performance Analysis of a Compact Dual-band UWB Patch Antenna for Biomedical Applications Arifin, Farhadur*; Saha, Pran Kanai
186 Effect of Quantum Repetition Code on Fidelity of Bell States in Bit Flip Channels Shubha, Syed Emad Uddin*; Rahman, Md. Saifur
219 Performance Analysis of Classical and Graph Neural Network-Based Power Allocation Schemes for Single-hop Ad hoc Wireless Networks Rahman, Md. Maisoon*; Rahman, Md. Saifur
223 Development of a Broadband Antenna for 5G Sub-6 GHz Cellular and IIoT Smart Automation Applications Rani, Tithi; Das, Sajeeb Chandra; Hossen, Md Shakhawat; Paul, Liton Chandra *; Roy, Tushar Kanti
22 December 2022, Thursday (4:00-4:30)
Tea Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
22 December 2022, Thursday (4:30-5:30)
Keynote Speech 2: Photonic Devices Exploiting Plasmonics
Speaker: B. M. Azizur Rahman, Professor, City University of London, UK
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Shah Alam, BUET; Dr. Ahmed Zubair, BUET
22 December 2022, Thursday (5:30-6:00)
Invited Talk 4: Computer-Aided System for Hormone Receptor Expression in Breast Carcinoma
Speaker: Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi, Professor, The Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University, Malaysia
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah, BUET
23 December 2022, Friday
23 December 2022, Friday (8:00-9:00)
23 December 2022, Friday (9:00-9:30)
Invited Talk 5: Atomistic Modeling of Nanoscale Phenomena in Emerging Semiconductor Devices
Speaker: Shaikh S. Ahmed, Professor, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Sharif Mohammad Mominuzzaman; Dr. Mahbub Alam, BUET
23 December 2022, Friday (9:30-10:00)
Invited Talk 6: Future of Tele-presence Using Light Field Imaging Systems
Speaker: Gazi Naser Ali, Research Scientist, Intel Labs, USA
Room No: ECE 920
Session Chair: Dr. Anisul Haque, East West University, Dhaka; Dr. Shaikh Asif Mahmood, BUET
23 December 2022, Friday (10:00-10:15)
Tea Break
Room No: FPGS Complex, 8th Floor, ECE Building
23 December 2022, Friday (10:15-11:45)
EEPS 5 - Renewable Energy II
Room No: ECE 632
Session Chair: Dr. Nahid-Al-Masood, BUET; Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Arafat, BUET
20 Enhancement of Wind Power Penetration Level: In Perspective of System Strength Adequacy Uddin Ahmed, Shihab; Afrin, Mehenaz; Jawad, Atik*; Masood, Nahid Al
40 PV with Storage System for Demand Management Podder, Shuvankar*; Masood, Nahid Al
110 Droop Control Based Virtual Inertia Emulation forStability Enhancement of a Microgrid System Hasan, Md. Mahadi*; Abdul Hasib Chowdhury
160 Implementation of a Small-Scale Smart Energy Storage Scheme for Hybrid Renewable Power Sources Islam, Md. Nahid; Amin, Ifte K*; Jaman, Azam; Hasan, Md. Kabir; CHY, MD.MAHFUZUR RAHMAN
170 Application of Thermal Waste-to-Energy in Dhaka City: Benefits, Scope, and Challenges Haque, Md Touhidul*; Arafat, Abdullah
184 Performance Investigation of Onipko Rotor Wind Electric Turbine (ORWET) using Dimensional and Numerical Approach Akbar, Naheen Ibn*; Sagor, Saiful Islam; Ahmed, Sakib
200 Priority Based Hybrid Renewable Energy Monitoring and Management System with SCADA Autonomous Operation Based on Demand Response Ahmed, Iftekhar*; Ahmed, Feroz
23 December 2022, Friday (10:15-11:45)
AIBIO 5 -Machine Learning II
Room No: ECE 634
Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Ariful Haque, BUET; Dr. Hafiz Imtiaz, BUET
50 A Machine Learning Based Approach to Analyze Food Reviews from Bengali Text Al Mamun, Md Abdullah*; Haque, Rezaul; Ratul, Mahedi Hassan; Mittrra, Tanni
60 Gender-basedCyberbullying Detection for Under-resourced Bangla Language Hossain , Md Azam *; Rabib, HasnainKarim;Galib , Mostafa; Nobo, akia Mosharref ; Sathi, Tanjila Alam; Islam, Mohammed Saidul; Kamal, Abu Raihan Mostofa
141 Efficacy of Transfer Learning Models in Pneumonia Detection with Scarce Local Healthcare Data Sakib, Nazmus*; Rubaiat, Sajratul Yakin; Masud, Raihan; Sarker, Manash; Bepery,Chinmay
156 Motor Imagery Hand Movement Classification Using Attention Network Integrated Inception Model Uddin, Mohammad Rakin; Jawad, Atik*; Mahmud, Talha Ibn
187 Emotion Recognition from EEG with Normalized Mutual Information and Convolutional Neural Network Maria, Mahfuza Akter; Akhand, M. A. H.*; Tetsuya Shimamura,††††
192 Real-Time Hand-Gesture Recognition for the Control of Wheelchair Huda, Md Rafiul*; Ali, Md. Liakot; Sadi,†† Muhammad Sheikh
23 December 2022, Friday (10:15-11:45)
EP 5 - Photonics II
Room No: ECE 625
Session Chair: Dr. Samia Subrina, BUET; Dr. Nadim Chowdhury, BUET
14 A Novel Non-Invasive Method to Measure Glucose Concentration Using Triple Pole CSRR Based Sensor Aminuzzaman, MirMd.*; Haider, Hossam e
61 Dual-Core Antiresonant Fiber Based Wide-band and Compact Polarization Beam Splitter Shaha, Kumary Sumi Rani*; Khaleque, Abdul; Hosen, Md. Sarwar
80 Developing a Solar Powered Agricultural Robot for Autonomous Thresher And Crop Cutting Sazid, Mir Mohibullah; Nuhel, Ahsan Kabir*; Haider, Iftekhar; Islam, Shakibul; Rahman, Md Eyasin ; Islam, Md Riazul      
94 Analysis of a Broadband and Tunable Short-length Polarization Splitter on Photonic Crystal Fiber Mizan, Md*; Khaleque,†† Abdul; Hosen, Md. Sarwar; Shaha, Kumary Sumi Rani; Rahman, Md. Hasanur
98 Analysis of a Metamaterial based Reflective Filter at Mid-IR frequencies Jyoti, Oishi*; Siddique , Md. Abu Ismail; Habib,†† Md. Samiul ; Razzak, S.M.A.
130 Single Polarization Low Loss Highly Birefringent Hollow-Core Antiresonant Fiber Hosen, Md. Sarwar*; Khaleque,†† Abdul; Shaha, Kumary Sumi Rani; Asha, LutfunNahar
197 Triangular-shaped Metamaterial-based EM Absorber for Visible and Infrared Regime Mia , Md. Sharif ; Azim, Rezaul*; Alam, Touhidul ; Sobuz, Md. Samsuzzaman
23 December 2022, Friday (10:15-11:45)
EEPS 6 - Power Systems II
Room No: ECE 627
Session Chair: Dr. Enamul Basher, University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka
74 Probabilistic Approach to Lightning Effect Assessment on HVAC Transmission Line ARAFAT, EASIR*; Turag, MD. Musfiqul Islam; Mehedi , Syed MahmudulHasan; Abdul Hasib Chowdhury
88 Design and Development of Battery Integrated PV System using MPPT Alam, Md. Nahidul; Nobi, Rofiqun*; Hossain, Sarowar; Ifty, Maraz Hussain ; Al Rajin, Abdullah
89 Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources to Form a Virtual Power Plant Mondal, Shuvro*; Mohammed Azmain, Asif ; Mollah, Limon; Reza, Md. Shamim
120 Transmission Line Fault Detection, Classification and Fault Location Identification Using Deep Neural Network Iftekhar Ahmed, Sheikh*; Rahman, M. Fahmin; Kundu, Shomen; Chowdhury, Raihan Mahmud ; Hussain, Auronno O; Ferdoushi, Munia
206 Economic Analysis and Optimal Design of Micro-grid using PSO Algorithm Zafar, Md. Arafat Bin*; Islam, Md. Rashidul; Islam, Md. Sajjad-Ul; Shafiullah, Md; Ikram, Arafat Ibne
216 Performance Augmentation of an Arc Suppression Device using Particle Swarm Optimization Based Proportional Resonant Controller RAFI, MOBASSHIR AL*; Hasan, Md. Mahmudul; ul Hoque, Md Yahyah; FERDOUS, ZANNATUL ; Rana, Md. Sohel; Hossain, Md Faruk
23 December 2022, Friday (11:45-12:15)
Closing and Award Ceremony
Room No: ECE 920